Fixed Phones in France, general information

Fixed phone Line in France! In most areas of France the only phone line available is through France Telecom, although other companies such as UKTelecom offer the option to have the line though them the lines are still maintained by France Telecom. Before you can have any service such as Broadband Internet (ADSL) you have to have a phone line in place first.

Dégroupage (unbundling)

This is where you can choose another provider other than France Telecom, it tends to be in areas of high density such as large Cities

Phone without Fixed Line! It is possible to have phone access in France with out a paying for a fixed phone line using VOIP system but you need high speed broadband ADSL access. With this system all the calls are made through the Modem Router.This system only works if you have a stable and reasonably fast internet access. You should take into account that the internet in France can be unreliable therefore no internet no phone, the same would apply during power cuts. It could be argued that for the sake of peace of mind it is better to have a fixed line which costs 16.90€ per month, this does not stop you having free calls though the internet if this is an option you require.

For more information or if you want us to arrange everything for you just call 0033 (0) 604141202 or e-mail:

Cheap Phone Calls - Fixed Phones

Cheap Phone Calls to the UK ! This is our recommended package.

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The reasons why we recommend UKTelecom! UKTelecom can offer a range of packages for cheap calls to the UK from France. They also have excellent packages that cover any country you wish to call. They have pay-as-you-go packages or fixed price options and you are guaranteed to save costs on your calls by transferring to UKTelecom.

With UKTelecom you have the option to have just your phone calls through them or to have your phone line but also Broadband (ADSL)For more information or to to sign up for this service just phone 0033 (0) 604141202 or e-mail: or Click Here for information on UKTelecom

Mobile Phones in France

Mobile Phones and Tariffs ! Mobile phones in France are not cheap, the major service providers such as Orange SFR & Bouygues offer similar service. The main problem is that the any credit you have at the time period is cleared unless you top up before the credit runs out. Many people are caught out by this they purchase for example 15.00€ of credit to find out it only lasts 2 weeks. The best option is to buy 25.00€ which lasts 2 months (this varies between service providers)

TIP: Some of the best offers are from Supermarkets where the credit is kept on for the full period.! For more information just phone Tel: 0033(0)604141202 or Email:

Remember to have your UK mobile phone unlocked before moving to France or on your next trip to the UK, it normally costs about £20, this you can then use any Sim Card in the phone.

Mobile Phone Service Providers (ISP)! There are 3 main service providers in France 1) Orange 2) SFR 3) Bouygues.