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Broadband ADSL Broadband Internet in France is normally referred to as (ADSL) which is a high speed internet connection. The speed can vary between 512k and 20mb, the speed depends on how far the property is from the exchange. For most people ADSL is the best option, unfortunately it is not available to everyone, if your property is over 6K from the exchange, or if you have a shared phone line then you then you will not be able to get the Internet through a phone line. In some areas WiMax is becoming available (For info on WiMax click here). The other option is Satellite which is probably the most expensive option. Click here for more information. Broadband generally is expensive in France as there is very little competition, there are just 3 main service providers; Orange, Neuf (SFR) and Free. There are other providers such as UKTelecom who offer excellent packages including a Free Help Line in English, they will normally use one of the main service provided but branded in their own name. Click Here for information on UKTelecom

How do I get Broadband ADSL! At Internet in France we are able to inform you whether ADSL Broadband is available to you, this service is Free of Charge, just Email: or call 0033 (0) 604141202 we will normally be able to advise you whilst you are on the phone. You can of course e-mail us and we will advise you of your options normally within 24 hours

What do I do next! If you would like us to arrange everything for you, just email or phone and we will advise you of the next step without obligation.


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Dial up Internet in France! Dial up in France; This is the basic service where you use a dial up modem to access the Internet via the phone line. In many areas of France Broadband (ADSL) is still not available so this is the easiest option that will enable those people to have to access the internet. There are other options which I will discuss else where. For people that only want to go on the internet very occasionally dial-up Internet is often the best option as it is cheap and easy to use. With dial-up Internet in France there is a choice between "pay-as-you-go" and a contract where you pay a monthly fee for a set number of hours. There are two main disadvantages with dial- up a) the speed which is often only 30 to 40k and b) that it occupies the line so that you are unable to make or receive call whilst you are on line.

Dial up Internet we can arrange for you! If you require a Dial up Internet we can arrange this for you, we can normally have you connected within an hour. Just phone or email Tel: 0033 (0) 604141202 or e-mail:

On Speed! We recommend a package such as "OnSpeed" to speed up your dial up internet access. They do charge annual fee in the region of 24.00€. How does it work? Basically it compresses all non compressed files which enables data to down load much faster. This the link to the down load of OnSpeed: OnSpeed