Orange ADSL Broadband Internet

Orange ADSL Broadband! The main provider of Broadband Internet in France or Orange is part of France Telecom.

Orange ADSL Broadband package: This is an excellent option for those who want low cost broadband for a short or long term. It is ideal for those with Holiday Homes or those that only spend a short period of time in France and would like Broadband Internet. This is the only one that can setup with out ties, so the contract can be canceled at any time by giving written notice.

How do I get Orange internet? We are able to connect you to Orange, we have a direct link to Orange Sales team. so just call 0033 (0) 604141202 or e-mail: We can arrange everything for you, or if you want more information on Broadband in France choose one of the other pages at the top of this page.

Other Broadband options in France

Satellite Internet in France! Satellite Internet is an option in France although it is probably the most expensive. The system involves the installation of a Satellite Disk, this is in addition to any TV dishes you already have. The installation cost can be as much as 400.00€ although you can sometimes get Free or reduced installation costs on a 2 year contract

WiMax! Is an exciting prospect as it is able to replace the current wired infrastructure. Many licence's have been issued in France initially to provide internet in rural areas that are unable to get Broadband (ADSL) through the conventional wired system. The WiMax system is being installed in many areas of France, your local Mayors office should know if it coming to your area and when

USB Key 3G! There are various options available including Orange the cost of the Key varies between 60.00€ and 90.00€ you can for example on a non contract basis purchase 2hrs which lasts 15 days for 14.00€, contracts are from 35.00€ per month. The problem is that the coverage in Rural areas is very limited, so you need to make sure that your area is covered before purchase

For more information on any of the above just phone 0033 (0) 604141202 or e-mail:

uktelecom adsl broadband

UKTelecom - ADSL - Broadband Internet! This is our recommended package, for those that want a package on a long term basis.

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For more information or to to sign up for this service just phone 0033 (0) 604141202 or e-mail: or you can Click Here for Link to information on UKTelecom